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Deep diving into workflow automation software

Primer An idea that wins everyone’s heart is to work slickly without hitches. The driving philosophy behind Workflow Automation Software (WAS) is the saga of streamlining work and eliminating bottlenecks. “I approved the task, why did you take so long to revert?”, “Did you check your email?”, “The task slipped out of mind because I...

You can win the retail audit optimization game with these tips

Introduction In today’s competitive retail market, brands need to leverage technology to gain competitive advantage over their peers. This entails detailed analysis & rendezvous with leading software solutions which have been designed to boost performance of retail players. And with time, these applications have occupied a pivotal role in the retail strategies through which the...
retail audit software

A complete guide to Workflow Management System

Introduction Workflow management system steps in when you feel that you are overwhelmed with your job responsibilities. From project manager to a new member, everyone seems to be lacking time to complete their tasks on time. Inefficiency is widespread & there never seems to be a way out. This is where workflow management systems appear...
Workflow Management System

Tips on choosing the best Audit Software for Oil & Energy industry

Introduction Digital disruption on account of innovation has become a common phenomena in many industries & functions, oil & energy auditing is one of them. Internal audit in the oil and energy industries is quite expensive, both in terms of financial expense & manpower required. It takes both time & money. The audit fees of...
best Audit Software for Oil & Energy industry

How does automation software ensure business continuity post pandemic times?

Introduction Automation is the area around which post-pandemic business success is centered. Up until the Covid struck, organizations were not that avid to adopt automation, not really convinced around its capability to bring a turnaround in business operations & profitability.  We did not have too many enterprises completely buying in the benefits of automation anywhere...
automation software ensure

Revitalize the Retail Industry with our WovVIA- Audit & Inspection Software

Primer Retail audit automation helps you to streamline study of samples of retail outlets. You can use modern-day retail audit software to get insights about a brand’s sales, trends in sales, inventory level, in-store display effectiveness, marketing efforts and other retail aspects. In the retail world, you need to be aware of the competition all...
WovVIA- Audit & Inspection Software

Retail auditing, Its importance and Enablers?

Primer Today’s retail ecosystem, be it shopping malls, stores or shopping points they all need to be compliant with local regulations not only to stay acquiescent but to edge past competitors by gaining competitive advantage. The retail managers have realized that what was just an act of submission to authorities can act as a strategic...
Retail auditing

Intelligent Business productivity solutions to simplify your business life

Introduction When we look at IT sector, one thing needs to be loud & clear – it’s not just a source of operational excellence & enablement. One needs to look at it as a source of innovation. But are we there? The McKinsey survey of IT executives doesn’t say so. If we take a global...
Intelligent Business Productivity Solutions
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