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WovVRA – ADSR Software for Shopping Malls

Primer Shopping malls are the new face of retail which is becoming more & more digitized with as many data capture opportunities that lead to better sales insights. ADSR software is the torch bearer of this digitization which offers knowledge-rich information from a shopping mall’s sales data. With so many on-premise and the cloud solutions...
WovVRA is the number one free ADSR software for shopping malls

Strategies for maximum customer acquisition in 2021

Introduction Acquiring new customers is the core of customer success strategies of most Chief Sales Officers (CSOs). While sometimes it may appear as simple as selling a product or service to a needy, other times filling the niche may look ostensibly complicated.  The customer acquisition process starts from ‘pushing the wheel rolling’ by marketing to...
Strategies for maximum customer acquisition in 2021

Reasons Behind Failing Loyalty Programs

Introduction Loyalty programs have a reason to prevail. They do what businesses across the board desire – to win customers’ hearts so they are loyal to one’s brand. Therefore, as we can widely perceive, more & more shopping malls are offering loyalty programs to win customers’ loyalty through shopping mall app. In depth research into...
Reasons Behind Failing Loyalty Programs

Minimum Time & Resource Requirements for Launching a Loyalty Program

Introduction Customer loyalty is too precious to be left on the whimsies of the IT budget allocation. Fostering it & maintaining it is also incredibly difficult. When you are out to implement a customer loyalty scheme in your organization as part of your marketing strategy, you must focus on the implementation to drive its success...
Minimum time & resource requirements for launching a loyalty program

Driving Growth Through Oken SaaS Platform

Introduction When it comes to discovering how customer loyalty drives growth, researchers have tried to find out how emotions bind customers to brands. This Forrester research reveals that if a company makes customers feel valued, 76% will choose to continue doing business with the brand. This implies that brands must take measures to make customers...
Driving Growth Through Oken SaaS Platform

Top 7 Commandments To Rule The World of Customer Loyalty

Introduction In the context of customer loyalty, there is an ever-expanding movement to digital & according to McKinsey, customer loyalty programs are critical components of this digital movement. In today’s customer-centric business orientation, customer loyalty is not just a prize to win, but many businesses are using it as a tool to gain traction. If...
Top 7 commandments to rule the world of customer loyalty

How Loyalty Programs Can Slay Pandemic to Win Customer Loyalty?

Introduction With the novel coronavirus shoving people into a digital-only way of life, it becomes important for businesses to shift the focus of the customer experience to the virtual world but with a human touch. Your brand’s relationship with your customers has an emotional component which has been nourished over time throughout many online &...
How loyalty programs can slay pandemic to win customer loyalty

OKEN SaaS Platform for Shopping Mall Experiencee Management

Introduction Loyalty apps along with the loyalty programs are a great way to drive customer engagement. Loyalty programs, many times, on account of lacking digital-push lack visibility or engagement or both. While it can be emphasized with almost hundred percent certainty that loyalty applications are a prerequisite for the success of your loyalty program, &...
How can an Oken - Loyalty App make you the king of the world of Shopping Malls
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