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Boosts profit & productivity of Airport Business through Mall-In-Box

Introduction WovV Tech’s Mall-In-Box suite is a complete set of software solutions to help increase profit & productivity of the businesses. This software suite has been designed to aid growth of various business verticals. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss how this suite may be extremely useful for Airports to boost non-aero...
Airport Business Through Mall-In-Box

WovVRA – ADSR Software for Shopping Malls

Primer Shopping malls are the new face of retail which is becoming more & more digitized with as many data capture opportunities that lead to better sales insights. ADSR software is the torch bearer of this digitization which offers knowledge-rich information from a shopping mall’s sales data. With so many on-premise and the cloud solutions...
free ADSR software for shopping malls

How the right BI solutions can transform your business by simplifying analytics

Introduction All our business strategies whether long-term or short-term are founded on the strong layer of business intelligence. Business intelligence is a term collectively used to represent tools & processes which are employed to glean insights from raw data (whether internal or external) to help sound business decision making. Organizations use this insight to gain...
BI solutions

Boosting Revenue with WovVBI Solution for Airport Industry

Introduction Proliferation of the low cost carriers has led to revenue stagnation in the aeronautical segment. As a result, most of the airports are focusing on the non-aeronautical revenue segment to maintain a sustainable growth. The rise in the disposable income of the higher income group people who prefer to travel by aero plane has...
Airport Revenue Software

How is WovVBI helpful in increasing Shopping Mall’s performance

Introduction The shopping malls use business intelligence to optimize product sales, create a business growth strategy, & predict future market dynamics. WovVBI – a cloud-based, SaaS-modelled BI solution from WovVTech – helps shopping malls in better decision making aimed at expanding your business & building competitive advantage in today’s dynamic & challenging retail market. Doing...
How Is WovVBI Helpful In Increasing Shopping Mall’s Performance

What is a Business Intelligence strategy and how does it benefit the Retail Industry

Introduction Today our life is intertwined with retail. It’s everywhere, there is no other thing which impacts our life as hugely as this. This has made the retail market fast-paced & competitive than ever before. The next question which naturally arises out of this scenario is how to beat this competition? And from market leaders...
What is a Business Intelligence strategy and how does it benefit the Retail Industry

Shopping Center’s Success story with Business Intelligence Software

Introduction For big, organized retail data is the king. But the challenge is to collect, manage, & work on this data to produce meaningful information. Shopping centers which are with time are investing in the best business intelligence solution to control & understand this information. The era of Big Data is staring at us, every...

Top tips to boost sales through Business Intelligence

Introduction Data fuels business intelligence to generate insights that help to understand past & present business operations & also predict future outcomes. One can get key insights from data to make out & predict customer needs. While we discuss the steps to use BI to boost in-store sales, we must understand the importance of mixing...
Top Tips To Boost Sales Through Business Intelligence
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