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Pros & Cons Of Expiring Loyalty Points

Having a great loyalty program can work wonders for your customer retention strategy. A recent research suggests that acquiring a new customer costs the company five times more than retaining an existing customer. Today, companies join the fray for a single penny, market is competitive beyond words, in this scenario customer retention is a top...
Pros & Cons Of Expiring Loyalty Points

Win Customer Loyalty Game For Your Shopping Mall Through Oken App

Introduction The shopping malls are a melting pot of customer experiences & for the past couple of years they are at the center-stage for yet another reason – being most affected by the pandemic. An industry which was already dumbstruck with the popularity of E-Commerce has lost the appeal of the brick-&-mortar retail experience because...
Winning The Customer Loyalty Game For Your Shopping Mall

Boosting Revenue With WovVBI Solution For Airport Industry

Introduction Proliferation of the low cost carriers has led to revenue stagnation in the aeronautical segment. As a result, most of the airports are focusing on the non-aeronautical revenue segment to maintain a sustainable growth. The rise in the disposable income of the higher income group people who prefer to travel by aero plane has...

Increase Non-Aeronautical Revenue for Airports

Introduction A recent report by Airports Council International (ACI) unmasks quite an unsettling trend that despite the non-aeronautical revenue growth the overall revenue per passenger is flattening out as airports compete to attract low cost carriers which generate low aeronautical revenue. To stay buoyed airports will have to focus on non-aero revenue which has been...
Increase Non Aeronautical Revenue for Airports

5 Big & Brittle Reasons Behind Malls Using Sales Automation Software

Introduction One thing which has always intrigued us is what is that thing which differentiates a successful retailer from a failed one. Going through the success stories of many retail brands & shopping malls, we at WovVTech have reached the conclusion that the winners have realized the importance of technology at the right moment in...
5 Big & Brittle Reasons Behind Malls Using Sales Automation Software

WovVIA Making New Strides in Oil & Gas Compliance Audit

Primer Many oil & gas leviathans operating at the global level or looking forward to moving their business from one place to another face the challenge of working in compliance with the laws of the land.  Given the highly risky nature of the business and high standard of compliance, they look for the best internal...

How Can Small Businesses Fulfill Their CX Management Dream?

Introduction All those who are into this tech-savvy world of IT know that best customer experience management software is the latest buzz word. It is that world of digits and bytes where you can keep your customers happy, but how? – By measuring and improving their satisfaction level. Small businesses have the disadvantage of scale,...
How can small businesses fulfill their CX management dream?

The Importance of Customer Experience in Retail

Primer Does happiness have a price tag? Well, not always. From simple clothes to haute couture, how difficult is it to find the true worth of experience of wearing a high-end dress? The customer is the most important piece of the puzzle called retail, and this piece wants to glide on the dual track of...
The importance of customer experience in retail
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