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The importance of Customer Experience in Retail

Primer Does happiness have a price tag? Well, not always. From simple clothes to haute couture, how difficult is it to find the true worth of experience of wearing a high-end dress? The customer is the most important piece of the puzzle called retail, and this piece wants to glide on the dual track of...
customer experience in retail

Top strategies for great daily sales reporting

Introduction Importance of reporting in tracking sales cannot be overemphasized. Weekly or monthly sales reports are once in a while activities, but daily sales report (DSR) is something which gives you a pulse over sales & revenue on a more granular basis. This report helps you to analyze day-to-day activities in the business helping you...
Daily Sales Reporting

Business Benefits & Key Take-Homes of CEM Software- WovVXM

Primer Customer experience is that central pillar of the business along which all other functions are hinged. And if it is that important it has to be nurtured, managed, groomed, & instituted to let your business bloom.  A customer experience software does all that— it measures customers experience through feedback and leverages it to improve...
CEM Software- WovVXM

Turn the retail tide with our Retail Management Solution

Primer The retail tide has arrived— the Shopping Malls have enumerated the places, innovative, futuristic, & exotic products have abounded the product shelves, and customers are getting spoilt of choices— as a retail manager all that you want is to turn this tide in your favor, but how will you do it? – This draws...
Retail Management Solution

Automated Daily Sales Report- your business’s need of the hour

PrimerBusiness experts state that if you have got the ADSR right you are right on the top of the sales. In contrast to the weekly and monthly reports, automated daily sales reporting analyzes everyday activities helping you to identify and remove process bottlenecks at grass root level. ADSR software for shopping malls, for example, saves...
Automated Daily sales report

Win Employees Loyalty by elevating Employee Experience

Introduction If remuneration  won’t help in overcoming remorse at the workplace then what will? But that is the ground reality- many companies struggle to retain employees and that has made Employee Experience Management software take the centre stage in a company’s strategy. What is employee experience?, Forbes in its article published a couple of years...

Building Brand Loyalty with Customer Experience Management

Primer The cerebral duel between effort that goes into acquiring a new customer and retaining an existing customer has brought customer loyalty into prominence. Research has shown that acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining an existing one, while both bring the same value to the organization.  This has led companies to focus...
Loyalty With Customer Experience Management

Towards a Better Forecasting with Business Intelligence Software

Primer Accurate data & quick reporting capabilities helps you forecast business outcomes to make better decisions. MillerCoors took help of business intelligence software to do sales forecasting so they can go to meetings with clients & speak with empathy with them. It involves study of historical behaviour to predict future outcomes. If you are onboard...
business intelligence software
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