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Inspired by simplicity and driven by a long-term approach towards running a sustainable businesses.

WovVTech has a suite of more than 10 Business applications,
all crafted and built from the ground up.

We work towards solving complex business processes, and serve organizations of all sizes spanning several industry verticals.

Preparing Businesses to respond effectively to the ‘New-Normal’

Ensure business readiness through WovVTech’s out of the box solutions to create checklists, surveys and powerful analytics to ensure compliance

WovVTech-Covid-19 Response

WovVIA - Inspections and Audit

Create checklists, surveys and audits in minutes and be ready for reopening facilities while ensuring compliance

  • Predefined Templates – Hygiene & Sanitization Checklists
  • Easy audit creation & assignment.
  • Digital audit response with document upload
  • Corrective Actions using ticket management tool
WovVIA Inspections & Audits

WovVFlow – Automate series of activities and collaborate

Create and Manage all activities and collaborate with the entire team. All corrective actions, multi team communication, approval processes can now be automated using our Workflow Automation Solution.

  • Automate approval processes
  • Collaborate with entire team centrally
  • Monitor and track activity statuses & track time for each activity
  • Identify dependencies & Plan effectively
WovVFlow Dashboard

WovVXM – Experience Management

Record customer feedback and measure experience through NPS, CSAT, CES, and more.

  • Record customer information through QR based survey – Contact Tracing
  • Customer Visit Feedback and share it in multiple ways
  • Understand impact and feedback for safety measures adopted
  • Record and Analyze changing customer behavior through surveys
  • Record Customer information & Feedback through QR
WovVXM Customer InformatioN Form

WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

Assure rental revenues through accurate ADSR reporting for concessionaires, malls, airports, and property owners

  • Predefined Templates – Hygiene & Sanitization Checklists
  • Prevent Revenue Leakages
  • Smart Analytics and Reports
  • Insights on brand and multiple location performance
WovVRA Mall View

WovVBI – Business Intelligence & Actionable Insights

Create DIY reports from multiple data sources and analyze using quick, interactive charts using our Business Intelligence Software.

  • Custom DIY Reports and Analytics
  • Integrate with multiple data sources
  • Measure and compare data post COVID-19
  • Powerful insights from multiple systems to drive strategy
WovVBI Mall Fotfall Analysis