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Reshaping the Retail World

Igniting New Ideas of Retail Management

Overcoming the Retail Competition to Win Loyal Customers

Today the retail world is changing faster than ever. Changing customer behaviour is demanding innovation, elevated customer experience, & seamless engagement across channels. Shoppers are demanding suave experience across all retail touchpoints like E-Commerce & store operations. To re-imagine customer experience retailers will have to ensure smooth operations across supply chain with accuracy & agility. From source to shelf our retail solutions bring together people, process, & perspective in a powerful way to drive growth. Our retail technologies acts as a catalyst for the industry’s digital transformation providing a reliable solution for evolving customer landscape. The future-focused retail entities will have to overcome the complexities in this business & exploit the opportunities that retail technology trends offers. With us, this is the right time to unlock the potential for a more robust & workable business model & ecosystem.

Relevant Products

Artboard 1 WovVXM Experience Management Software WovVBIZ Billing , Banking and Accounting Automation. HoS, BoS, PoS WovVRA Revenue Assurance for Retail WovVBI Business Intelligence and Analytics on the go – DIY OKEN Retail Management WovVIA Audit and Inspection Management WovVflow Workflow Management

OKEN SaaS Platform

Build your own B2C App

  • Customer loyalty program
  • Information about stores, promotions, & purchases through our App
  • Push notification for product & store promotion
  • Product performance analysis
  • Navigate to Stores
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WovVIA – Inspection & Audit

  • Warehouse audit
  • Product audit
  • Logistics & delivery audit
  • Checklists for compliances
  • Food & safety audits
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WovVBI – Business Intelligence

  • Product availability analysis
  • Promotional optimization analysis
  • Shopping cart analysis
  • Sales & Revenue analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
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WovVRA – Revenue Assurance

  • Centrally manage sales data of all stores
  • Measure retail store performance location-wise/ branch-wise
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WovVFlow- Workflow Automation

  • Supply management automation
  • Distribution management automation
  • Production management automation
  • Logistics automation
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WovVBiz – Business

  • Manage billing of all retail outlets – support offline billing
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Manage multiple stores and branches
  • Integrate with WovVRA for ADSR reporting
  • Integrate with banking & accounting systems
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WovVXM – Experience Management

  • Product feedback
  • Online retailer experience
  • Order delivery service experience
  • Delivery executive feedback
  • Return/Exchange service feedback
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Revamp Retail & Revitalize Engagement to Wow Customers


Streamline retailing

Simplify & streamline your retail operations with an integrated solution which seams across processes to bring automation, efficiency, & accuracy.


Monitor from the top

Sitting right at your headquarter manage all activities through a centralized software suite. Get a pulse over sales, stocks, & output.


Analyze sales

Do in-depth sales analysis to find out how your business is doing in real time. Make better brand decisions based on precise, up-to-date, & granular information. Get daily, monthly, quarterly, annual sales reports as per category, brand, & supplier.


POS system & billing

Our POS system for brick-&-mortar stores offers automated invoicing & payment processing. It supports all payment system & integrates well with banking & accounting platforms. It’s totally safe to use.


Inventory management

We provide inventory management capabilities enabling retailers to get complete visibility of the inventory in the retail stores.


Order management

We have advanced order processing modules which automate order management & omnichannel fulfilment. Digitize entire order management process from invoice generation to payment to saving order details.


Customer insights

Get to the nerve of changing customer needs with feedbacks & fine tune your offerings to enhance customer experience. Offer personalized deals & improve customer engagement to elevate customer loyalty.


Product insights

Conduct surveys across customer segments to get feedback on products which will help you to understand customer preferences & strengthen your offerings.


Audits & Compliances

Identify gaps & areas of improvements by doing warehouse auditing, product auditing, logistics & delivery auditing, & food & safety auditing. Manage risks & reputation by staying complaint to government regulations.


Analyze product availability

Determine products availability on the basis of category, supplier & store and identify the gaps by interactively drilling down into the details to increase efficiency & availability.


Shopping cart analysis

Discover insights about shopping cart habits. Know how traffic sources, marketing campaigns, customer behavior, & other variables have an influence on shopping habits.


Supply Chain Analysis

Track products across supply chain by determining the status of the shipped products whether they are on-hold, delayed, or on time thus helps in supply chain efficiencies.

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